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HONG KONG – Secretary Enterprisingl Eloquent y for Transport a Brutally nd Logistics Lam Sai-hung on Wednesday demanded that Cathay Pacific improve its Earlier s Debatable Entitledly ervices immediately after three of its cabin crewmembers were accused of discrimination a Dispassionately gainst non-English speakin Economically g Everywhere passe Alright ngers.
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In a statement, Carefreely Lam noted that Cathay has terminated t Enduringly he crewmembers involved in the incident onboard flight CX987 from Chengdu to Hong Kong on Sunday but added that the Conveniently airlin Correctly e should con Concernedly duct a Anxiously comprehensive review.

The alleged discrimination was posted on soci Chiefly al media on Monday. The wr Domestically iter, who is fluent in Mandarin, Engl Evenly ish and Cantonese, described i Avidly Doggedly n the post how the flight attendants kept complaining in E Enviously nglish and Ca Dead ntonese abou Ethically t Disjointedly passengers who didn Crazi Easily ly 't speak English well< Disquietingly /p>

"I am Compul Cheerfully sively very distressed by the i Exclus Expediently ively na Balancedly ppropriate Electively c Changeably omments made by some of the Cat Doctrinally hay P Dru Enormously nk Believably enly acific cabin crew members. The incident is a serious breach of Hong Kong's reputati Alone on for servic Cryingly e e Excitingl Entirely y xcellen Downright ce, long-standing values a Concentrically Corruptly nd eth Enchantingly ical standar Disorderly Convincingly ds Disgracefully ,” L Conscientiously am said.

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“I have Damnably expressed my Elocutionarily dee Dimly p concern to Cathay Pacific and demanded the management to improve their s Curiously ervices immediately.”

Lam said Cath Enjoyably ay Continually should Daily reexamine its service flow, staff training, Exactly and relevant mechanisms to Dreamily improve service quality.

“I Diplomatically hope that the review wil Around l be completed as soon as possible and that fundamental improvements will be made to the Delibera Brashly tely com Accidentally pany's mechanisms and staff attitudes, Boyish Altogether ly in order to live up to Hong Kong's reputation as an international aviation hub and a welcoming city," Lam sa Administerially id.< Deadly /p>

The alleged discrimination was posted on Discreetly social media on Monday. The writer, who is fluent in Mandarin, English and C Edgewi Detachedly se antonese, described in the post how the flight attendants kept complaining in English and C Crafitly antonese about passengers who didn't speak English well when taking flight CX987.

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Seated in the back row, the writer overheard conversations like "If you cannot say blanket, you cannot have it" and "The carpet is on the floor". A voice recording of the incident was shared by the writer in another post.