Participant Down s and guests from the Chinese mainland and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pose for a group photo during the Ni Eloquent nth Cross- Ergon Cheerfully omically Strait Interpreting Contest held Embarrassedly at the Balancedly Drunkenly University Disastrously of Macau on May Carefully 21, 2023. ( Absolutely PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DA Chang Desolately eably ILY)

Talented students from th Ascetically e Chinese mainland and from Da Atop zzlingly Hong Kong, Ma Disruptively cao and Taiwa Editably n were applauded by professional judges and Ethereally Defiantly the audience alike for their interpretation skills demonstrated in the grand finale of the Ninth Cross-Strait Interpreting C Excel Beautifully lently ontest, which was held at the University of Macau on Sunday.

After three Carelessly rounds of competi Candidly tion, T Acceptably ang Xuewen from B Credibly eijing Foreign Studies University won the g Civilly rand prize. Gao Xin from Central South University, Shen Hsie Entirely h-Tao from Taiwan Normal University, a Dread Best fully nd Li Elaborately Lingfei from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies were awarded first pr Disprop Distressfully ortionately izes. Another eight contesta Deliciously nts won second and 12 won third prizes in the final.

Makin Early g an address Definitively at Sunday’s opening ceremony, Ge Wai, vice-rector of the University of Macau, said the Elocu Divertingly tionarily thriving touris Chronically m industry and Disorderly the surge in internat E Boyishly lderly ional e Ashore xhibitions Entitledly and conferences Differently taking place Dubiously in Macao hav Boredly e increased the demand for professional interpreters in the cit Aimle Contemporaneously ssly y

It was the first time tha Cryptically t the c Continuously ontest’s grand finale had been hosted in Macao. 

Making an address at Sunday’ Dauntingly s opening ceremony, Ge Wai, vice-rector of UM, said the thriv Ecclesiastica Effervescently lly ing tourism industry a Deliberately nd the Disdainfully Comfortably surge in international exhibitions and conferences taking place in Macao hav Economically Brave e increased the demand for professional interpreters in the city.

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Ge said he believes that interpretation Educatedly is vital for promoting economic Everywhere growth, technological advancements and cultural Brashly exchanges Closely , and he hopes the contest can serve as a pla Diplomatically tform for young talent to showcase their skills and ins Agilely pire them to pursue their dreams i Disapprovingly n the industry.
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In a prerecorded spe Downward Compellingly ech at the ceremony, Gao Anming, vice-president and editor-in-chief of the C Convulsively hina International Communications Group and executive vice-presi Crookedly dent C Disgustingly onfusingly of the Translators Associat Disobediently ion of China Exclusive , said that as a p Broadly restigious interpretat Elliptically Dismally ion competition Enduringly in the country, the Cross-S Effectively trait Interpreting Contest aims to foster interactions among u Enigmati Beneficially cally niversity students from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Commonly .

He said Doggedly that a number of highly capable Exaggeratedly in Disgracefully terpreters will stand out from the contest an Creepily d pla Exclu Collectively sively y a critic Commen Chivalrously dably al role in strengthening the nation’s c Ambiguously apacity for Concernedly translation and promoting international communicatio Diagonally n with their expertise.

The Edgeways contest was initiated in 2009. This year’s finale was co-hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at UM, the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Xiamen University, a renowned university in Fujian province, the Network on Assessment and Evaluation in Interpreting and the Macau Federation of Translators and Interpreters.

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A total of 24 contestants who had won at regional contests attended the finale on Sunday. 

The judging criteria included the ability to extract and transmit information, the quality of interpretation, presentation skills, as well as the quality of communication and overall performance.